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is committed to providing world class business and youth development services locally, regionally and internationally. We work with organizations and individuals to achieve results in increased productivity, profits, self management and execution of world class events.

Our services are also designed to meet creative needs as we seek to promote and enhance the best of our clients incorporating corporate themes and individual uniqueness.


  • Human Resource Development
  • Training and Leadership Development
  • PR & Marketing
  • Industrial Relations
  • Events & Conference Planning
  • Business Development & Management
  • Scientific & Market Research
  • Trading
  • Protocol & Media Management
  • Consultancy
  • Youth Development
  • Image Management
  • Project Management
  • International Logistical Support
    • Relocation Services
    • Country Personnel Management
    • Personal Services to International Employees

  • Youth Development
  • Training
  • Image Management
  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Human Resource Development