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The Middle Managers Conference -April 27, 2021

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The Middle Managers Conference -April 27, 2021

  • Jamaica

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Individual Online Rate:                                                 JMD $9,700.00plus GCT per person

International Online Rate:                                           USD $65.00 plus GCT person

Group  Online Rate ( 5 or more persons):             JMD $8,700 plus GCT per person

Intl Group  Online Rate ( 5 or more persons):   USD $58.00 plus GCT per person



Many middle managers are unprepared for their unique roles. In fact, recent research compares contemporary middle managers to general managers of the past The global marketplace requires strong skills in execution and change management to accomplish work goals. In addition, much of today’s work is accomplished through teams and new skills such as Influencing, networking, emotional intelligence and coaching are critical for success. A higher level skill set is required for todays leaders in order for them to be effective in their roles.

Many middle professionals have a wealth of experience at handling day to day management issues and are now ready for a bigger challenge. Are there extra skills they need to acquire to prepare them for the next level of leadership? This Conference is about exploring and mastering those skills and knowledge that will comfortably take them to the next level of competence – from professional to leader.


At the end of the Conference participants will have learned to lead more effectively and/or make the transition from professional manager to leader by:

  • Ensuring that they have all the core skills of effective management and leadership
  • Understanding what drives in a changing world
  • Influencing and managing the performance and organizational culture
  • Exploring team dynamics,preferred team roles
  • Having a framework for implementing successful change programmes and making tough decisions
  • Leading and developing talent
  • Managing integration in a complex organization
  • Learning the tools of influence


The organisation will benefit from having middle managers who are:

  • Equipped motivated and confident to transition to the next level or lead more effectively
  • Able to avoid common pitfalls at the more senior level through greater understanding of organizational culture, performance management, making decisions and talent Management
  • Equipped to make a significant contribution to moving the organisation in desired directions and steer teams through complex situations
  • Thinking and behave like leaders


Participants will:

  • Gain new insights into decision making, visioning, performance management and learn how to be flexible in both leadership and management
  • Be able to understand people and create a motivating environment for their staff
  •  Understand their own and others’ preferred team roles
  •  Be able to influence upwards in the organisation with confidence
  • Be able to plan and lead change


This Conference is designed for:

  • Those who need to keep abreast of new thinking in management and leadership
  • Those who have some experience at manager / professional level and are ready to take on a wider role
  • Those who want to make the transition from competent professional to inspirational leader
  • Those who need a deeper understanding of what drives individual behaviour and group dynamics
  •  Those who need to hone their influencing skills to get results that matter
  • Those about to embark on leading a change programme within their organization
  • Those who need to network
  • Mastering those required decision-making skills with courage
  • Mistakes to avoid when unsure about leading
  • How to lead when your team resists change
  • How to help all your people contribute ideas towards innovation
  • Making Effective Decisions with speed and leveraging your time
  • How To Speak With And To Your Boss When You Totally Disagree
  • Get The Best Out Of Remote Employees and Meetings
  • Interpreting Financial Statements for Portfolio Performance
  • Aligning the Strategic Plan with The Budget
  • Unlocking and Creating Goal Setting and Accountability Culture
  • Risk and Crisis Management Must Know Tools When Leading in The Middle
  • Rising Above The Storm When It's Time To Terminate A Team Member
  • How Do I Prepare and Evaluate My Communication and Customer Service Strategy
  • The 5 W’s for Virtual Development and Virtual Impact
  • Taking My Place Through Business Etiquette 




“This conference was very reviving it brings across the developed ideologues of many diverse presenters , well packaged for presentation the manager/ leader to appreciate the multifaceted roles and functions of middle manager . The synergy of the conference was excellent
Linton Tyndale Powell- Jamaica Customs Agency
“A wonderful conference a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, network and be inspired. Timely, well organized , vibrant speakers and motivated participants. SUPER JOB MYMC.” Natasha Parchment Clarke Rainforest Seafoods
“Thank you “Make your Mark Consultants.
You are doing an excellent job! Looking forward to next year for another Mind Blowing conference”.Maxine E Thomas GK Financials

Valrie Ferguson -NCB

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference , the speakers were very energizing and the areas covered all provided reinforcement to assist me in executing my functions as a middle manager. Well done Make Your Mark”

Marc Ellis- Grace Kennedy Money Services Limited

“Great Presentation and Presenters . The knowledge content was great , worth going.”

Peter Plummer -JDF

“I am pleased with this Middle Managers’ Conference . I am a better person more equipped. Thumbs up for all the presenters as they get across the messages. Than You Make Your Mark.”

Chantell Ebanks- SAGICOR Life of The Cayman Islands

“As a newly appointed supervisor and participant of the Sagicor lead programme this conference was very informative and useful. The information that i obtained and tips received will absolutely be of great benefit to me and my organization.”

Amanda Stewart -UNICOMER /Courts

“The conference was very enlightening. Mrs. Felicia Linch’s presentation was interactive and could be used in all business models in all sectors”.

Mollie Plummer- Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA)

“Learn To Shift Focus”.Focus was shifted indeed for me,it was an awesome two (2) days. My expectations were met. The topics covered were on point to that of being a Middle Manager .Our role is crucial to the development of our company / Organization. In the execution of our job, we must communicate often and apply. I would definitely recommend this conference to my peers. Knowledge is power”

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