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Transitioning From Team Member To Team Leader/ Supervisor

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Transitioning From Team Member To Team Leader/ Supervisor

  • The Knutsford Court Hotel
  • Jamaica

Event Information

The goal of this workshop is to provide a learning experience that will permit participants to step into the role of a Team Leader/ Supervisor.
This learning intervention is to enhance and improve the transitioning spectrum from staff to team leader 
 Building an effective team requires the Requisite Talent!
  Transitioning Effectively  
Transitioning from a team member to a team leader is an exciting process. With new roles and responsibilities, employees have the opportunity to create and inspire change in the business and its people. However, the transition can be quite challenging as it will also require a change in one's attitude and behavior. When individuals are promoted to a management position in their organization, they face two immediate tasks: re-contracting and restructuring.  
Why Should Organisations Understand Transitioning?      Do you know how to be successful? .....It Is an organizational process aimed at helping employees to understand ... A part of change management is also managing transition- and though related, change and transition is not the same thing
Don't delay!  garner the knowledge you need to make your organization super productive and successful!

                                                                                        Transitioning Effectively!!!
 MYMC Presents aOne Day Workshop on  "Transitioning from Team Member to Team Leader/ Supervisor"
At our "Jam Packed with Information" workshop you will learn and master the following in your organization     v Making decisions with courage  v Getting respect and cooperation from past peers  v Understanding behaviors and expectations  v Getting the best from team members  v Managing the transition seamlessly

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