MYM-Youth Development

Jockey Training 2015 Team

Make Your Mark Consultants Prepared an Intervention for the The JRC and The Jockey Training School to provided these jockey trainees with requisite know how and knowledge to facilitate improved life skills. They were exposed to managing the media, appropriate communication skills, proper decision making, social skills, conflict resolution and healthy life style interventions.

Jockey Trainee Graduation

Graduation for Jockey Team 2015
Make Your Mark Team Camp Interventions

Youth Development
We are committed to the development and enhancement of youth. We believe that the quality of our youths determines the development of an organization and a country.

  • Personal Development
  • Networking
  • Understanding Parents
  • Career Choices
  • Money Management
  • Coaching
  • Summer Camp – School to work transition
  • Ready For Work Preparation
  • Post High School Preparation Coaching
  • Post University Preparation
  • Life Skill Coaching

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