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Productivity Conference

Investment Rate: $29,000.00 plus GCT

Group Rate: $ 25,500.00 plus GCT

Date : October 8, 2019

Venue: The Knutsford Court Hotel

Address: 16 Chelsea Avenue Kingston 6

Time: 8:00 am -6:00 pm

Contact: 876 978-6001/2

Email:info@makeyourmarkconsultants.com; makeyourmark@cwjamaica.com








Leader, managers and team leaders in a given organization are concerned with maximizing productivity through process-oriented observations and improvements.

For both public and private sector organizations, productivity growth is important because providing more goods and services to consumers translates to higher profits and financial stability. As productivity increases, an organization can turn resources into revenues, paying stakeholders and retaining cash flows for future growth and expansion. Productivity leads to competitiveness and potentially competitive advantages. Countries such as Jamaica are in need of increased productivity in order to achieve its growth target.

What will be Achieved

At the end of the Conference participants will have learned to manage and lead more effectively in the following areas:

  • Waste Reduction
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Skills and Training
  • Data/IT
  • Process Efficiency
  • Productivity Measurement
  • Change Management
  • Employee Efficiency
  • Organization Transformation
  • Public and Private Sector Excellence
  • Research & Innovation
  • Employee Engagement And much more



The organisation will benefit from having leasders managers and team leaders who are:

  • Equipped motivated and confident to improve productivity
  • Able to avoid common pitfalls at the more senior level through greater understanding of Productivity and continuous improvement
  • Equipped to make a significant contribution to moving the organisation in desired directions and steer teams through employee efficiency and cost performance programme
  • Thinking and behaving like productivity change agents



Participants will:

  • Gain new insights into decision making productivity measurement, organization transformation and learn how to use the requisite tools.
  • Be able to understand people and create a productive environment for their team members
  • Understand their own and others’ preferred team roles
  • Be able to influence upwards in the organisation with confidence
  • Be able to plan and lead change



This Conference is designed for:

  • Those who need to keep abreast of new thinking in Productivity and Continuous Improvement
  • Those who need a deeper understanding of what drives individual behavior and group dynamics
  • Those who need to hone their transformation skills to get results that matter
  • Those about to embark on leading a change programme within their organization
  • Those who need to network
  • Leaders, managers and team leaders in the public and private sectors
  • Those who need to understand measurement, benchmarking and business process improvement



“I can attest to it that this conference hosted by Make Your Mark Consultants is a great benefit to me and  to my company. After the conference, based on what I learnt I know I’m ready to make my mark to be more productive which will move my company and country in the right direction. “

Larey Webster, Plant Supervisor-Massey Gas Products Limited

“Great conference, I hope there will be more.” Tamika Farquharson- COK Sodality Co-Operative Union

“PCI Conference is very good, great speakers and topics. Just wish I could have attended ALL of the sessions.” – Daniel Chong, Honey Bun

“I am pleased to have participated in this conference. I appreciate the wholistic approach in incorporating economics and  governance issues within the workplace. Noting that positive productivity change involves not only policies but visionary leadership, staff engagement and technology. The sessions that I participated in were timely, the presenters were engaging and presented their materials which were focused on their presentation but completely complementing the theme of continuous improvement”.

“I leave this conference more exposed and knowledgeable in the area of the importance of productivity and measuring for improvement in order for organization to continue be relevant and survive”

“Many thanks in hosting the very interesting and useful sessions, on October 19, 2017, aimed at achieving continuous improvement in productivity. My area of responsibility at UTech. Jamaica is quality assurance and I was able to identify several functional areas which I think will be able to benefit from the information that was shared with us at the sessions. Thanks for sharing the presentations”.

Kind regards,

Winsome Russell  

Dr. Winsome Russell


“The conference was very beneficial and well organised.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend  and participate”.


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