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Jeff Boudro

Jeff Boudro

Executive Director Power & Systems

Jeff Boudro is the Executive Director of Power & Systems, Inc.
Power & Systems is a successful, 40+ year old company that is dedicated to helping organizations maximize their success through people. Key areas of focus include: leadership development, diversity & inclusion, employee engagement, partnership, and customer-focused cultures. Power & Systems was founded by, Barry Oshry, a pioneer in the field of human systems in organizations,
Power & Systems mission is to develop robust human systems.
Robust human systems are collections of human beings – teams, organizations, communities, and families, in which all members, regardless of role or position, are fully engaged. We help organizations create cultures where their people are: using and developing their unique talents, learning and growing, working both independently and in partnership with others, united in purpose, with mutual understanding and respect throughout.
Power & Systems Inc serves this mission in 3 ways:
• Through experiential and transformative workshops
• Through readily accessible books that fundamentally shift how we see and understand human systems
• And through continuously evolving events, consulting, and media
Jeff is a results-oriented leader with significant global experience helping unleash the power of people at all levels of their organization. He is a dynamic facilitator and a highly energetic leader with a proven track record of leading high performing teams and identifying and developing talent.
Previous to Power & Systems, Jeff held a number of leadership roles in the HR functions of companies including: Hanover Insurance Group, Staples, BankBoston, Putnam Investments, and Macy’s.