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Jennifer McDonald

Jennifer McDonald

Corporate Brand Transformation Specialist, International Management Consultant

Jennifer McDonald is an International Management Consultant and Corporate Brand Transformation Specialist with customer focus as her strength.
She is recognized as an organizational leader who blends a ‘no nonsense’ approach to transformation with the capacity to lead with a heart. Her keen understanding of the need to release the old to embrace the new in a philosophical and practical way makes her effective at bringing brands and companies to new heights.
Her area of specialty (Corporate Brand Transformation) is a multi-faceted strategy that aligns brands in the areas of image, vision, culture and the operating systems of an organization.
She has successfully led two organizations — the Passport Immigration & Citizenship Agency (PICA) and the then Urban Maintenance (1977) Limited, a subsidiary of the Urban Development Corporation — and was a member of the senior management teams of the National Land Agency and the Jamaica Conference Centre. Having honed her ability to manage resources and understand the interplay of people, technology and customer service to achieve objectives, Jennifer is a true trailblazer.