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Mr Trevor Smith

Mr Trevor Smith

Chief Executive Officer Success With People Academy

Mr. Trevor Smith is the Managing Director of Success with People Academy which is recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management. The academy prepares and certifies coach mentors and develops high-performing teams.
Mr. Smith is a leadership Coach who focuses on guiding individuals, teams and organizations to enhanced cohesiveness and performance. He is further a franchise holder of Extended DISC, and the revolutionary FinxS competency- based behavioural solution. He has pioneered the development of the Scientific Selling certificate course that coaches you to sell from “inside your client’s head”.
Success with People Academy is home of the “Certified Behavioural Coach Award” which is approved by the International Coach Federation for Continuing Coach Education Credits (CCEs) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) for Professional Development Credits. Additionally, Mr. Smith is the CEO of a Technology Solutions boutique with a suite of productivity enhancement proprietary solutions including a Learning & Compliance Management Solution; Online Academy; Anti-money Laundering Compliance Management Solution; TVET Control Centre; On-the-job training technology solution (OJT-IS), and Online Onboarding Organizer.